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Virginia Refund Status – Where’s My VA Tax Refund?

Virginia Refund Status – Where’s My VA Tax Refund? Virginia Department of Taxation is responsible for handling all Virginia State Tax Refund Payments. Where’s My Virginia State Refund? Where’s My Virginia State Refund? Find my VA Refund. E-File Department of Taxation. Track my VA State Tax Refund. Virginia Tax Resources list here. Virginia Refund Calculator Where’s My Virginia Refund? Check the Status of your Refund Phone Lookup – Call (804) 367-2486 to check the status of your refund 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will need to enter your SSN and the amount of the refund you are expecting. How Long does it Take If you e-Filed your tax return your refund will be processed in about 1 week. If you filed your tax return on paper your refund could take up to 7 weeks to process. Please note, if you mailed your tax return using Certified Mail it could take from 1-3 weeks before we receive it from the...

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Arkansas Refund Status – State Tax Refund

Arkansas Refund Status – State Tax Refund Arkansas Department of Finance is responsible for handling all Arkansas State Tax Refund Payments. The Individual Income Tax Section is responsible for technical assistance to the tax community in the interpretation of Individual, Partnership, Fiduciary and Limited Liability Company tax codes and regulations; prepares and distributes tax forms and instructions to individuals and businesses necessary to complete Individual, Partnership, Fiduciary, Limited liability and Employer tax returns; collects and maintains a records of employer payments into accounts setup for employee withholding and individual accounts setup for estimated tax payments; Assess individual taxpayers for failure to file tax returns and adjust tax return for math errors and tax law errors; maintain a record of tax, penalty and interest owed on individual and withholding accounts. Notifies taxpayers of any delinquent on deficient tax amounts; transfer accounts to Legal and Collection Sections for additional activity; provides administrative...