Where’s My Oklahoma State Refund?

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  1. I have checked the status of my Oklahoma 2015 tax refund using the online “Taxpayer Access Point” as directed. I realized it is probably still early, but my concern is the message that comes back says my return has not been received. This was mailed on April 15th, 2016 from the Norman Post Office. Should I be concerned and/or is there anything I can do to follow-up and give me assurance of my return’s receipt? My info: Lawrence C. LeFlore; SS 3-74-6583; refund $208.00; zip 73070. Thank you

  2. Glendine Blanchard says:

    i have been leaving messages for a Yen Nguyen @ 405-521-3026
    since 02/24/2021 no call back. is there another person I can speak with?

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