Where’s My Maryland State Refund? MD Income Tax Return

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  1. Arthur Brisbane says:

    I am the personal representative for my sister Mary B Jacobson Estate.
    I filed her tax return on 7 April 2015, which asked for a refund of $612.00.
    As of 13 July, 2015 I have not received any refund or expected date for a refund.
    Please let me know what is the status of the refund.
    Thank you.
    Arthur Brisbane


  2. I had my taxes filled out by H & R Block and i received a letter about $50.00 dollars was taken out but I never gotten my refund yet. They were done 2/12/18 When will my money be coming?

  3. Vivian Moore says:

    I filed my taxes with Turbo Tax on January 25, 2020, they sent an email saying that both my federal and state were accepted. However, I am not getting anything back from the State, but when I check the refund status it just keeps saying that my return is not yet processed. what is going on?

  4. Susan Hermann says:

    I have the Power of Attorney for my mother, Nancy Burgard. She received her Federal Tax refund but nothing from MD. When I checked the status on your site it said that she was not going to get a refund and that a letter would be mailed with an explanation. She did not receive the letter.

  5. Everett X. Garnett says:

    I filed my income taxes for 2017 and mailed both state and federal July 11, 2020 and to date I have not received the $1,287.00 state refund.
    What is the status of this file?

  6. Linda Mason says:

    Back in March 2020 I filed my taxes by paper both federal & State of which when I check on them They have not been processed yet what is the hold up since I also need my money and if I owed you the money you would be taking from me I expect a refund from both State & Federal with interest this is now January of 2021 and I am going to file my 2020 taxes so pay me what I am owed thank You

  1. May 25, 2016

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