H&R Block Refund Status

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6 Responses

  1. I just wanted to know when I’m getting my stat taxs back

  2. Paula Harris says:

    Where is my federal tax return?

  3. Marlene Jones says:

    How soon is my federal refund be here

  4. Marlene Jones says:

    Sorry,just wonder when I’m getting my federal refund

  5. Kenny Bivens says:

    My state tax has not come. Just wondering if there was a problem.

  6. Randall Sampietro says:

    I have sent my H &R Block software UPC and Receipt for a refund for software I bought from Walmart. The request was sent the end of February 2016. I have not received my refund or any response back. Please let me know the status of my refund for the software. I have filed my taxes using turbo tax this year because I was unable to use the media that I purchase for H and R Block.

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